Our Mission Trip to Czech

Selah: to paselahuse and exalt the Lord.

We are forever grateful for your support of our mission trip to Czech!  In the ten days we were there, along with four others from our church, we were able to complete a huge task of clearing and landscaping the property around Selah.  Teams from our church who have gone in the years before us were instrumental in the restoration and construction of the buildings. Selah is a retreat house for the missionaries of Josiah Venture, who work among the youth of central and eastern Europe as they engage them in a variety of camps and music programs while introducing them to Jesus.  The young people in this part of the world are so hungry for this good news!

Selah is about halfway up a mountain called St. Andrew’s, and it is a MOUNTAIN. Most of our days were spent working on this steep incline which was difficult and tiring—but then—when we stopped to look up from our work there was this breathtaking view.  This was the hardest work we have ever done, in the most beautiful place we have ever been.

Thank you so much for your part in making this project possible.  The Josiah Venture missionaries are the ones serving and touching the lives of so many young people; we are honored and blessed to have offered our support to them.

Josiah Venture is an organization passionate about sharing Jesus with the next generation in Central and Eastern Europe. Thousands of lives have been changed and the trajectory of entire cultures is changing as God uses Josiah Venture and missionaries like Mel & Amy to live out the gospel with these young people.

Learn more about Josiah Venture at www.josiahventure.com.



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