Six Wooden Chairs, One Faithful God, & My Vision Board

There are six cedar Adirondack chairs in a circle around our firepit. Since we first moved to the woods that is something I have always wanted. A circle of chairs that is ready and waiting for an impromptu gathering of roasting marshmallows, or to serve as a quiet place to read a book or shareContinue reading “Six Wooden Chairs, One Faithful God, & My Vision Board”

Preparing & Pondering (part two)

I gave a little talk this week at our women’s ministry night, Common Ground. This is the second half, read the first half here. Everything we’ve been taught about Christmas says the holiday is all about giving. Giving. Giving. Giving. Giving. But what if it was about receiving? Think about it. Everything we do toContinue reading “Preparing & Pondering (part two)”