Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Blueberry Pie

Grandma Esther always had a way of making everyone around her table feel like they were part of the family.  There always seemed to be a crowd in her kitchen…people just “dropping by.” Even the mailman would come in for a cup of coffee. One Thanksgiving in her home, I was so full; I knewContinue reading “Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Blueberry Pie”

Smiling with Tears in my Eyes

For quite a while now, I have been putting off starting this blog.  Short of fire falling from the sky, God has been doing a lot of elbow-nudging, shoulder-tapping, and head-thumping to get me to start.  I have so many stories, some already written and some stilling swirling around in my head – that IContinue reading “Smiling with Tears in my Eyes”