Soaking in the Summer Sky

The Persied Meteor Shower happens every year right around my birthday. I remember many summers as a child when we would stay at a cabin on Medicine Lake during that week. At night we would wrap up in sleeping bags, and lay out on the dock or in a rowboat anchored close to shore. There in the darkness we took in theContinue reading “Soaking in the Summer Sky”

Sticky, Messy Valentines

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. It’s Valentine’s Day nineteen-something-something. You’re back in grade school, sitting in your classroom at your desk as classmates take turns passing out handmade valentines. You remember them well. Paper doilies. Covered in glitter. Sticky from Elmer’s glue. This is before the days of Pinterest, before commercially printed DisneyContinue reading “Sticky, Messy Valentines”