Message in a Bottle

There are some summer evenings that you hope will last forever – you know the ones. The setting sun glows in the warmest tones of orange, yellow, and pink. The lake is calm, smooth, and clear like glass. The clouds, if any, are billowy and white – high in the sky overlooking with their approval.Continue reading “Message in a Bottle”

Oaks of Righteousness

Fall happened suddenly for me this year. The air has chilled, the leaves have changed, and heavy rains and an early snow have forced some trees to lose their color before I’ve fully come to terms with the change of seasons. Summer was a discouragement for me. Fall is over before it started. Now winterContinue reading “Oaks of Righteousness”

Snow Day

Today is a snow day here in the Northwoods. Everything seems to have slowed down or come to a halt. Businesses have closed. Events have been cancelled. Even the hardiest of school systems have shut down for the day.    The huge snowflakes appear to be falling from the sky in slow motion. The slippery roads that wind through the woods are begging, even commandingContinue reading “Snow Day”