So Much More Than Pictures

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Today we can photograph a moment and it will disappear within a day. You can share a story or an album that may get some likes and shares but after a few hours it’s been buried deep in your timeline and forgotten. We take so many, many, pictures. These snippets inContinue reading “So Much More Than Pictures”

“Thank you, Aunt Pauline.”

Ba, bi-ba…di-da. Bum, bi-bum…di-dum. I remember her singing the made-up melody, rubbing my back to help me sleep. La-la-la…Hmm-hmmm. Only God may know why Aunt Pauline is the way she is. Her body grew up, but the rest of her never did. The mind of a child…the heart of a little girl. She went to school.Continue reading ““Thank you, Aunt Pauline.””