Programs & Pageants

A sticky candy cane. An apple. An orange. Peanuts in the shell. Miniature candy bars. And a brown paper bag. If you know what I am talking about, then you probably have spent a Christmas Eve or two standing at the front of a cold church, trying to remember your part, trying to stay awake,Continue reading “Programs & Pageants”

The Sharing of the Meats and Cheeses

We have so many traditions around the holidays. Some are silly, some are somber, some are tried and true.  One thing my family has always done is this – when we arrive home from church on Christmas Eve, we make a tray of cheese and sausage, nuts, crackers, and cookies. Next we’ll mix up aContinue reading “The Sharing of the Meats and Cheeses”

The Shortest Day of the Year

Most of the last few weeks have been pretty gloomy. As is typical for the month of December here, it’s been very cold, cloudy, and overcast most days. It seems like the sun hasn’t been coming up until after the school bus goes by – and by the time it comes back at three –thirty, the shadows are long andContinue reading “The Shortest Day of the Year”