About Me

7217_1163722904701_3659105_nSo, a little about me, in case you’re curious.  I’m married to a wonderful man, my high school sweetheart, for over thirty years. He is my best friend, provider, and protector. Together we have three beautiful children, all who have made us more proud than we ever thought we could be.

A few years ago we made the move to a sleepy little resort town in northern Wisconsin.  In search of a simpler lifestyle, we have found a town where there is no need for stoplights or roundabouts, a church where “mega” will never be in the name, and a home where friends and family are eager to visit and linger when it’s time to leave. We have taken this opportunity to reset our priorities and focus on what’s truly important.

This move has shown me that no matter what life throws at us, it is so important to learn from our experiences and then use what we have learned to encourage those around us. We can be honest, real, and share our stories with each other.  And sometimes, when you least expect it, God shows up and writes our stories for us.

I’ve finally made the leap to take what I know (a lifetime of experiences), what I’m good at (non-profit & small business communications), and what I love (writing, speaking, creative problem solving, & design), and pulling it all together literally under one roof.  Here’s how Deer Mountain Media came to be:

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