Loaves & Fishes – It’s What’s for Dinner

‘What’s for dinner?”

It’s an age-old question. And when it’s asked around my house, and it’s been awhile since my last trip to the grocery store, the answer is “Loaves and Fishes.”  Go look in the fridge, and hopefully there’s enough of something to feed everyone that’s hungry. Leftover Night.

I read a thought provoking article today on the account of the Loaves and Fishes in the Bible – remember the feeding of the 5000? Jesus and His disciples were out in the wilderness with thousands of hungry people. In spite of their skepticism, Jesus asked the disciples to gather up all that they could – five loaves of bread, and two fish. He blessed it, broke it, and used it to feed everyone. No one remained hungry and there was even more food than they needed.

Jesus does four things during this meal. He takes the bread. He blesses it. He breaks it. And He gives it. And what the author points out that I had never thought about before – is that in His hands, we are the bread.

As we surrender to Him, He takes us, He blesses us, He breaks us, and He uses us. Over and over again.

He uses us to fill others. In His power there is enough to complete His purpose with abundance to spare.

Under our own strength this feat would be impossible. Attempted on our own we would quickly find ourselves empty and depleted. Trying to use our own leftovers always comes up short.

As we entrust ourselves into the hands of Jesus – He takes us, and He blesses us. Yes, He breaks us. But it is when we are fully surrendered, reliant, broken and empty, that we are able to be most impactful to those around us.

I’ll admit that much of the time I just focus on my leftovers – my limited amount of energy and resources. I’m overwhelmed by my brokenness and know my meager picnic basket will never be enough. Will I ever be enough?

Only when placed in God’s hands.  I’m so grateful for that reminder today.


Take a few minutes to read the original article – https://www.seedbed.com/the-thing-jesus-wants-the-most-from-us/  

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