An Apple, a Bottle of Water, and a Piece of Fried Chicken 

I had hit a low. I was in the middle of a particularly bad day, in the middle of a particularly difficult season, when this happened:


It was noon when a friend stopped in my office. She had just come from the grocery store and was bringing me an apple, a bottle of water, and a piece of deli fried chicken.

She said God had put me on her mind and she thought I could use some lunch. She didn’t know what kind of day I was having, she didn’t know how empty I had been feeling, she didn’t know how much I needed encouragement right exactly then. And she didn’t understand why I was brought to tears by a piece of fried chicken.

But she listened to the whisper.

Please know this. Hear this. If God puts someone on your heart – it might be a friend, your pastor or church staff, volunteers, your child’s teacher, or a family member – THANK them, ENCOURAGE them, BLESS them. Listen to the whisper.

God is prompting you because you have something they need. You may have no idea what that may be, but He does. It might be lunch, a coffee, a handwritten note, a text, or a prayer. A sincere “thank you” or “I’m thinking of you” could be exactly what they need to hear. Your simple gesture could be enough to carry them through that hard day, that busy week, or that difficult season.

But please, always, always, listen to the whisper.

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