The Sharing of the Meats and Cheeses

We have so many traditions around the holidays. Some are silly, some are somber, some are tried and true.  One thing my family has always done is this – when we arrive home from church on Christmas Eve, we make a tray of cheese and sausage, nuts, crackers, and cookies. Next we’ll mix up a batch of grasshoppers or old-fashioneds and enjoy it all in front of the fire while opening presents.  We did this when I was growing up, and my family has continued the tradition.

Some may call our simple feast an appetizer platter, some may call it hors d’oeuvres, some may even call it charcuterie. But we call it “The Sharing of the Meats and Cheeses”. 

Other traditions I am willing to set aside.  But as long as there is Christmas Eve, this one I will carry on. Always in front of the fire. Always by the light of the tree. Always on my good Christmas dishes. Always with family and friends we consider family.

So you may not get a Christmas card from us, but you’ll know where to find us on Christmas Eve.

christmas unwrapped (10)

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