The Stockings were Hung

Making Christmas happen can be hard. All too often it seems like the planning, baking, shopping, wrapping, inviting, rsvping, entertaining, schedule juggling, and even stocking stuffing, falls to moms.  While others may be enjoying, partaking, relaxing, and celebrating, moms are in the background, trying frantically to pull it all together.

Opening my Christmas stocking was one of my favorite parts of Christmas growing up, and I missed that as an adult. After lamenting about it to my sister, I found out that she felt the same way. What we decided to do was exchange stockings with each other.  That Thanksgiving, I gave her my empty stocking and she gave me hers. We had fun finding small gifts for each other. On Christmas morning I was able to sneak away for a bit, and slowly open each tiny, thoughtful gift. I savored every moment of it – along with the decadent chocolates at the bottom. Chocolates I didn’t have to share with anyone.

We do this every year. I look forward to it more and more each Christmas. It’s a simple way to take care of each other, even from a distance.   I can share a moment and a childhood memory with my sister even though we are miles apart.

Is there someone, a friend or group of friends that you could exchange stockings with for Christmas?  Grab your empty stockings and meet up quick over coffee.  Have fun finding some tiny gifts and treats for each other.  Spoil and splurge. Then even us moms can be surprised on Christmas morning.

christmas unwrapped (14)

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