Made your New Year’s Resolutions Yet?

In just two weeks we’ll be celebrating a new year. Time to start thinking about all those New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about goal setting and resolution making. “Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever with my 5-Step Plan” and “Secrets to True Success in the New Year.”

I am all for setting goals.  But I can honestly say that at the end of 2016, I had absolutely no way of knowing what 2017 would bring. And no matter how much I plan, no matter how many webinars I listen to, I have no way of controlling or anticipating all the hardships, challenges, or blessings that 2018 will bring.

There is one thing I do know about 2018 though. God is in control. He was in control in 2016, 2017, and every year before that. And he is the one who holds 2018 in the palm of his hand.

christmas unwrapped (8)

4 thoughts on “Made your New Year’s Resolutions Yet?

  1. Your message is so real and a wonderful reminder. I know I tell myself this so often. Thank you for all the blogs.

  2. This is so true! I did accomplish quite a few goals in 2017, but lots of things have come my way that I didn’t expect too. I plan to expand on the personal, spiritual, and professional goals that I set for myself for this year in the upcoming year.

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