Work. Finish. Publish.

When I started this little 25 day journey, I did admit that not all 25 posts had been written yet.  Most. But not all.

So often I have seen bloggers say “every Thursday I’ll do this. Then they’ll only do whatever it was for a few weeks.  Or promise twice weekly posts, never to be heard from again. I didn’t want to be that.  I never was one for empty promises. That’s why it took a lot for me to start this. I knew no matter what I needed to see it through.

This year seemed to be a year of “you can’ts”  for me . You can’t handle this.  You can’t do that. You can’t make a difference here.  So this stepping out is good. This finishing is good. And not just finishing, but finding the courage to hit publish.

There is a quote I first heard by a wonderful woman we met in Czech, “Work, finish, publish.”

Work, finish, publish. Work, finish, publish.  I’m so glad I did.

There’s ten more days of posts scheduled here through Christmas. But my work is done. Well, my work here is done. Of course, I still have to wrap presents and bake cookies.

Thanks for traveling this little journey with me.


christmas unwrapped (4)


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