Christmas Unwrapped

Since the beginning of time, since Eve really, women have been trying to wrap things up in a beautiful package with a perfect bow on the top, in an attempt to make things look better than they really are. We package ourselves, our families, our homes.  We live in fear of people seeing us for who we really are.

Of coming undone, unraveled.

Of being unwrapped.

We try to package ourselves the same way we try to package Christmas. Pinterest perfect dinner. Countless variety of Christmas cookies.  Extravagant gifts. A tediously decorated tree, or trees.

We over schedule, overspend, and over do.

This Christmas season, as you are shopping for presents, as you are wrapping and shipping packages, as you open gifts with your families on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, remember it is Jesus who sees you unwrapped.

He sees who you really are.  And he loves you in spite of it.  He loves you so much that he came to this earth as a baby. That’s what this is all about anyway.

Christmas is his gift to us. No wrapping required.


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