Like Manna from Heaven

Sometimes winter in the Northwoods gets off to a slow start. It can’t quite decide to be winter or fall yet, so the days will go back and forth between a dusting of snow and then melting away. In the morning you will see a light layer of snow covering the ground, looking crisp and sparkly, and then it will melt away with the sun around midday. It can go back and forth like this for a while until the snow decides to stay.

This light snow cover in the mornings makes me think of the manna that the Israelites would have experienced in the dessert. Every day God provided for them, in the exact amount they needed for that day.

So when I look out on the sparkling snow with the sun shining down, I am reminded of how God provides for us, too.  And it seems like we get exactly what we need – the perfect amount of whatever it is – at just the right moment. Never too little and ne


ver too much.  God’s graciousness with us, His provision, and timing continually amazes me.

Now I may not describe the snow in such a picturesque and pleasant manner come February, but for now it’s it nice to see.

Give me neither poverty or riches, but give me only my daily bread. Proverbs 30:8 NIV

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