Some days it rains.

It rained on our wedding day. The rhythmical pounding echoed throughout the majestic old church. The moisture caused my perfectly poufed bangs to fall. The hem of my equally poufy ball gown water-stained in the puddles.

What I have learned over these twenty-six years of marriage is that some days it rains.

It rained a cold rain on our first campi101328723H8KDJUng weekend. Lighting hit our first house right over our sleeping babies. A few sudden storms out on our boat left our family stranded, soaked. Wind and rain brought an abrupt end to a party, tossing tables and the tent to the trees, and a few guests to the ground. Drenched.

Some days it rains.

God’s mercies wash over this family daily. Some days He is pounding on the walls of our hearts – if only we would let Him in. He may even use lightning to get our attention. Some days He is gentle rain, soothing, comforting, forgiving. Some days He is a quiet drip, “I’m here. I’m here. I’m here.” He has been faithful to us, provided for us, forgiven us, blessed us. Drenched.

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