I Saw Jesus Today

I saw Jesus today. I really did. He came to my son’s wedding.

We were hoping to keep to a strict budget, and the 20141025_084421plan was to beg, borrow and barter as much as we could to keep costs down. I had no idea how God was about to use our blood family, church family, friends, and neighbors to bless this wedding. To fill every need above and beyond every expectation.

Every time something came up – How would we handle this? Who’s going to do that? Oops, I forgot something – someone was there. What do you need? How can I help? Can I run an errand for you? I have these, can you use them?

Every time we had a need, or a potential disaster in the planning of this wedding, someone would step forward offering exactly – exactly what would help. Many times without them even knowing that it was needed.

A few days before the wedding we went out to the venue to drop off some things and review the plan again. There was this huge planter on the patio there that I had forgotten about. We had been there last in the summer and it was filled with beautiful flowers. This was now the end of October, so of course nothing is going to survive in that anymore. I thought we had covered every detail, but this was one that was missed. There wasn’t time to run to town anymore, and there wasn’t anything in the decoration stash large enough to fill it. That night after Bible study, we walked out to the church parking lot, and there were potted mums and pumpkins sitting next to my car! Just enough to fill the planter. God was there. He was in this. Every single detail.

That kind of thing probably happened about a hundred t20141025_112734imes. From the main wedding elements like the venue, the tents, the music, the food, the centerpieces, photographer, decorations, and cake, to the tiniest detail of favors for the guests and rose petals for the aisle were all possible through wonderful people who were willing to share, loan, barter or negotiate. They blessed this young couple with their time, talents, treasure and sometimes all three!20141025_120648

Jesus was at this wedding, and this is how I know –

After the ceremony, we were having the receiving line. This was one point where I had to stay in one place and not be running around making sure everything was taken care of. It was also a crucial point in the day because the chairs from the ceremony had to all make their way into the tent to go around tables for the reception. We had planned to ask a few young guys to move all the chairs, but had neglected to confirm it with them. And I couldn’t leave the receiving line to check into it.

When I turned around again I saw them – a group of men from our church, our guests, without ever being asked, were moving the chairs.

The Hands and Feet of Jesus.

Looking back I am overwhelmed by it all. The generosity of our Brothers and Sisters. The willingness of so many to allow God to work through them. His Unquestionable Faithfulness.

Looking forward – I am excited. If God brought so many people to support these two for the WEDDING – just imagine what He has in st20141025_143503ore for their MARRIAGE!

He is real. He is present. And He is faithful. Amen.

3 thoughts on “I Saw Jesus Today

  1. My dear Leah – what a Spirit-filled witness you gave to all who read this message. My prayers are rising to Heaven for your son, your new daughter, and the wonderfull Christ-filled mentors you & your husband will be for them. DANCE OF JOY!!!!!

  2. Oh Leah! What a magnificent testimony about the Presence of God. What a beautiful, practical, precious way to acknowledge Him.

    I’m visiting from our mutual group 500 Words.

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