So what’s on your To Do List?

Are you a list person? I sure am. Oh my gosh I am such a list person. There is a list of daily chores by my kitchen sink, lists on the fridge, lists on the dry erase board, and I always keep a whole notebook of running lists.  Sometimes I even add something to a list that I already did, just so I can cross it off.

Today while I was frantically searching for some paperwork that got filed stashed away during the move. I found one of these old notebooks filled with lists from a few years ago. As I was thumbing through it I noticed something – on all of those lists – these So Very Important Lists – only about half of the stuff was crossed off.

There was a list of projects that I wanted to complete at the last house – that I never did. That list will never be completed because we don’t even live there anymore! You know what? I didn’t complete half of all those things that were So Very Important and the world kept on spinning. Life goes on. My family doesn’t love me any less because the hallway didn’t get painted. I never finished that craft project, never tried that new recipe, never quite got that closet the way I wanted it. And it’s OK. We all keep moving forward anyway.

And I’m telling you, it’s OK.

If it doesn’t all get done, it’s OK.


Now as I look at my lists for today. Grocery lists and cleaning lists and project lists and calls-to-make lists…I am telling myself, if this doesn’t all happen today, it’s OK. And some of the things, if they don’t happen at all, ever, it’s OK.

I am going to keep making lists – my memory fails me more than I care to admit. But stressing over them so much? That’s one thing I am ready to cross off for good.

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