Confessions of a House Hunters Addict

DSC_0123 (800x536)I think it is safe to say that I am not the only one who loves to watch episodes of “House Hunters”.  I love to see all the different homes to choose from.  It seems like the buyers are always way too picky and expect too much house for the amount of money they have.  “But this kitchen doesn’t have granite countertops….you can’t expect me to live here.”

Then after a little too much suspense, they make the big decision and choose a house. They may have to go back and forth with the seller on the price.  Then they close the deal and are able to move in. At the end of the episode they show the buyers all settled in and how they furnished and decorated everything.  And they always have come around to accept the compromises they made.  “I love my new kitchen, there is soooo much counter space!”

Ding dong!

I have goohousehuntersd news!  The negotiations are over.  God chose you!  Ephesians 1:11 says that God has chosen us, according to His plan, to accomplish His will. He knows where you will live, and He has already decided how He is going to use you.  He loves everything about you, even if you don’t have new countertops.  You have a role in His plan, and He has a room for you in His house.  Praise God!

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